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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More Scarves

Well as its freezing outside (STILL) and I've got a craft sale coming up in April, when i'm betting its still all rainy and miserable....i've been making more scarves. Most of these have worked their way onto ebay but if they don't sell then i'll take them along to the craft sale and if they do.....well i'll just have to magic up some more while i'm watching TV on these cold winter nights. I should be back outside running in preparation for the Santa Run but its still really dark & cold so i'm making use of my gym membership and building up the miles on the treadmill or the crosstrainer for now.
Now this is my latest creation. Its using DK wool called marble, thats kind of a purpley turquoise changes shades as you're crochetting. I used double crochet again and this time DC two then chained 2, then DC another 2 in the same hole in the base chain, then miss two holes in the base chain and DC two, chain 2 and eventually it goes all round and net looking.
I also repeated the same type of stitch but just DC 1 stitch then chaining to make another scarf with the rest of the wool. It was a big 300g ball I think - or it may have been 250g. I never remember I just always have a guess at how much I need, or will unravel a whole scarf and re-do it to use up less/more wool depending on how much i've got left at the end. I hate odd leftover bits. That's probably why the second scarf looks so much skinnier.

I also used up the last of my brights bargain stuff I got just before xmas at (shhh dont tell anyone) poundstretcher in the big 200g balls. I like to call the colour sunshine yellow but it literally is like a custard yellow - bright is def the best description of it!!!!

I think i've done the DC cluster of 3 pattern on another scarf somewhere - and I like the pattern, it doesn't make the scarf too thick. Although I did mis-judge it and was left with loads of leftover wool. I couldn't bear to unravel it all so I just used the rest of the ball to make the twisty tassles. It added a bit more length to it too. 2 birds, 1 stone I guess.

The next batch of wool I've come across that i'm secretly hoping will attract some unsuspecting ebay shoppers is some more poundstretcher wool that comes in 5 little balls of 50g. Its just simple DK wool with a bit of lurex in it....but its got silver running through it so it looks a little nicer than the boring plain coloured stuff. I used some blue with silver for a hat & scarf set for a friend at xmas who we were house-sitting for. Or supposed to be anyway, due to the horrific arctic conditions they ended up spending xmas at home and unpacking their bags so the set acted as an emergency xmas present and a "sorry you're not going away for xmas" consolation gift. Anyway i'm waffling...the wool is called TWILIGHT...hence my sneaky fingers crossed i'll attract some lovesick vampire shoppers if I include it in the ebay listing title. I've just used 3FPDC, 3BPDC for this one but because its quite a wide scarf it looks lovely. It makes very neat little squares in a chain type pattern. I couldn't be bothered with all that twirling needed for twisty tassles for this one though.

I still had 3 balls of wool left so decided to make a widthways scarf. I've always wanted to try something a bit more exciting looking so decided to create my own pattern as I went along. Now as I kinda made it up as I went....I can only partially remember what I did. To recreate it again i'd probably need the original scarf and some knitting markers to count the stitches. Basically I made a chain about the length I wanted the scarf then DC about 5 stitches all in the same hole in the base chain, then missed a hole in the base chain and slipstitched into the next one and began another 5stitch semi-circle. I kept going til I got to the end, then slimply turned round and went back along the underside of the chain so I ended up with a row of round crochet circles. I then slipstitched 3 along to get into the centre of my first circle and chained a row of about 7 or 8 stitches then slipstitched into the centre of the next circle until I was back at the beginning. Then when I came back to the start I did 3 treble crochet stitches in the centre of each chain string (around it not through the actual link holes in the chain) and that made the little diamond-type pattern on the outside of the centre circles. The next row of stitches I have absolutely no idea what I did but i'm sure its just double crochet...I think. The final outer row is definately just a single row of semi-circles (similar to how I started off the inner row). As I'd gone to all the fuss of fancy patterns and was quite pleased with my bit self, I decided to continue with the fancy-ness and did twisty tassles. Yep you guessed it....leftover wool.

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