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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sleep tight Thumper - my little star!

Sadly we lost Thumper in the early hours of Wednesday morning (the 6th). I've been too distraught to even mention it to anyone. Had to call in sick at work and everything, I couldn't even make it through the bus journey into work without blubbing.
Thumper lying chilled out on top of the hutch after a brush.

He was such an affectionate little sweetheart who was so well behaved. I'm going to miss him so much. Such a little character, he didn't even appear very sick - I just took him to the vets "just in case" on Sunday then back for a follow up the next morning at the regular vets just to check. He was back at the emergency vets 4hours later when he didn't eat or drink anything or poop and he'd had  no noticable improvement despite the fact he'd been taking his meds. They kept him in overnight and were optimistic when he was eating his recovery liquid food and had made it through the monday night but sadly he didn't make it another night and died in the early hours of the Weds morning. He was really given everything we (and the vets) had, and he was so good when they were taking his temperature and doing all these horrible things with him like syringe feeding and putting him on a drip. He never ran away or bit anyone (although he did hide his head in the crook of my arm and start licking me like mad when we took him in for more medicine). I just can't believe he's gone. He went downhill so fast, even though he was taking his medicine well before he started to "act" sick. Then when the vets said he'd made it through the night and was a little livelier and was actually eating the recovery food - I really never expected him to die the following night.
Morning - thumper just waking up in his bed!

I've had my day of grieving where I cleaned (bleach, rinse, disinfectant & rinse) hoovered and scrubbed everything in sight. Boil washed all his washing machine proof toys and blankets - and binned the ones that couldn't be washed. Poor tilly has even been dragged in for a precautionary check up (which she hated - she launched herself out of the carry box in the waiting room, then attempted to hurdle over my husbands head when she was on the table at the vets). She's absolutely fine but is on some pro-biotics and getting wormed early just incase it was EC that caused Thumper's infection.

Reaching up to have his nose rubbed.

Solves my problem of whether to bond them. I wonder if he did just go downhill after Treacle died and just missed her too much to battle on afterall I know other people who's buns have had snuffles and much worse things and survived? I just keep wondering if there was anything else I could have done.

Despite his name he never actually thumped his feet......he was never a grumpy bunny. He was also a bit of a wuss too - he'd wander over to new stuff and if it moved he'd run a mile in the opposite direction. He was the only one of our bunnies who never ever bit or kicked or squirmed and he was the only one that didn't spit out his pancur all over his own face/or all over me.

Nodding off on my lap after i'd brushed him
When he was all sickly and sorry looking in the vets I was hoping he'd pull round and even thought that if he wasn't going to get better that it'd be better if he just passed away - how awful is that. My other half was saying if there wasn't going to be any improvement and that he'd never be 100% and would get recurring bad bouts of illness that it would be kinder to put him to sleep. But I snapped back at him saying not to be so mean and we at least had to give the medicine a chance to work. Plus I couldn't have done it, I couldn't even say it...I could never ask the vets to do that. My parents just had to have the family dog (who was 12) PTS and it broke my heart - I went to see him the day before and couldn't go to the vets with them or see the dog afterwards, I knew i'd not be able to cope. I prayed he'd get better because I knew if there was no improvement it would just send me to pieces having to make the decision to do the right thing. And now that he did actually die, I feel I wished it on him. I miss the little cheeky monkey so much. Tilly is lovely, very cute and full of character, but Thumper was a proper cuddle monster and so well behaved. He just was the perfect rabbit! :0(