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Friday, 18 February 2011

Attack of the Penguins!!!

These are some little Fimo penguins I made and baked. I had some craft wire from another project so decided to turn them into those little photocard/placecard holders at around xmas time....I could always re-shape the wire into a hoop and turn them into xmas tree decorations if they went wrong. They turned out quite well actually. I sold one on ebay. Then I had a message from a lady down south who loves pingu called Fiona asking if I had anymore. I messaged back explaining I had only sold 1 so the remaining 2/3 in the picture were still available.

She then asked where I bought them from or whether I made them as she was after quite a few more 40 in fact for table placecard holders for a wedding! So I priced up how much it would cost to buy all the clay and wire and asked when the wedding was. Over the christmas holidays I started on the 40 penguins, firing them in the oven inbetween gingerbread men and mince pies!
Very soom the penguin numbers started growing and I kept her upto date with the progress. As it turns out she needed 40 plus a bride and groom. So I made a little bride penguin with a tiara and a groom with a bow tie. I didn't get a photo before they were bubble wrapped away.

Again she loved the little amassing army of penguins.....but admitted that on second count they actually had 60 wedding guests. So I set about making the last few.....and had to invest in an extra orange and black pack of clay but went to hobbycraft for it.

Finally the penguin army is complete - the bride and groom are not on this pic. Its taken two cardboard boxes, all the bubblewrap and brown paper I have in the whole house and a fair amount of recycled shredded paper that was going to be used as emergency bunny bedding but they're all ready to post. Just waiting for the lady to pay - she's paying for her wedding cake this week and next week its my turn - then the penguin army will be sent into battle!!!!

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