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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2011...1month down already - crikey!

Well...its been ages since i've blogged! I had all the best intentions of making millions of baked goodies over xmas including a gingerbread house but I managed to get the evil flu that was going round. I literally woke up with a sore throat the day after boxing day....then a few hours later I was bedridden. 2 bottles of cough syrup, loads of ibuprofen and about 5 days of solid sleep (literally not moving from bed unless I absolutely had to) and i'm all better. Well I say all better, I still have the remnants of a horrible cough that just will not shift. As a result of said cough....I couldn't take part in the first race of the year. The great winter run up in Edinburgh. I had my race number and everything :( Although the lovely Erika did take my place (highly illegal...not just frowned upon in race rules but I wasn't using it for proper race times or anything it was a fun run).
It had been snowing but was nowhere near as bad as last year when we did it. It was -2 practically balmy! The lovely Erika even supplied us with some chocolate cupcakes for the return journey......topping up the glucose levels and all that! After all I was cheering and dashing backwards and forwards trying to get pictures of them both. I was like a proud mam clapping and whooping my head off as they crossed the line.

As it turns out a christmas "SANTA RUN" we were wanting to do in December had been snowed off and re-arranged for March, so we've been given an invite to that. I've sent off the cheques and our entry forms. ITs 4k, around Newcastle's Exhibition Park in a SANTA SUIT! Its for the local paper's (The Chronicle) charity to help a children & babies hospice in the region called the Chronicle Sunshine Fund and the Hospice is Zoe's Place.

I've also had the email reminders for the Race for Life . I couldn't decide whether to do the 10k in Sunderland with my friend Ali or the 5k in Gateshead with my friend Chelle. So i've signed up for both!!! This ones all run by women to raise money for cancer research, you can walk, run, jog whatever! Some even have a pushchairs & dogs "section".

I entered the Mirror newspaper ballot for the Great North Run again.....and got a place, so I can run for whichever charity I want. However hubby has to take his chance with the general ballot as he didn't get a place through the Mirror ballot. However after speaking to Guide Dogs for the Blind (who we fundraised for last year) to thank them for their lovely hand-written thank you card at Christmas they said they'd reserve David a space automatically. The lovely Ellie in the North East Fundraising Team (Leeds) is now our Favourite person in the world!

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